Sports Court Construction

Breaking personal records? Where games are determined by fractions of inches or seconds, the quality and performance of the flooring is crucial in obtaining winning results.

One of the most challenging decisions an owner will have to make is which courts systems to select, with each product showcasing its own characteristics. How do you select the best product for your facility? Advantage Courts can assist you to make the right choice that matches your wish list and budget.

For close to 20 years Advantage Courts has been in the business in Central Florida of constructing new sports courts, which include tennis, pickleball, bocce and basketball courts. If you are looking for new court construction, Advantage Courts is your partner from start to finish. We can provide you with a turnkey project, including fencing, lighting, benches, and other accessories.

Court Lighting

In addition to a good surface and fence, many courts also need court lighting for night time play. When considering the lighting systems, several matters should be considered, such as the intensity of the light, its reflection and environmental impact.

At Advantage Courts we utilize a variety of fixtures designed for tennis court lighting while paying close attention to quality and aesthetics. These fixtures are well suited for tennis court lighting no matter the level of competition.

Fence and Gate Systems

Perimeter Fabric

A tennis court needs a fence around its perimeter to contain the balls and to provide security. Although a court fences are typically constructed out of chain link, it doesn’t necessarily need to be. Chain link however, is commonly used because it allows maximum light to pass through and people to see in and out. In addition, it is a relatively cost-effective option, and it contains the ball within the court boundaries. Chain link fence is available in a variety of colors, which helps tennis courts to blend into their surroundings, enhancing their appearance.


Enough gates should be installed to allow entrance and exit at both ends of the court, and to allow retrieval of balls. There should be access for wheelchair players and any required maintenance equipment.


While their primary role is to reduce and/or deflect the effects of wind, they provide a background against which the ball can be seen. Thus, they should be of a sufficiently contrasting color to the ball. They also reduce glare and provide privacy. A single color piece of fabric is often used for this purpose.

Advantage Courts takes great pride in the construction of our customers new courts. We consistently build the best courts in Central Florida, beginning with high-quality fence and hardware installation, and ensuring the utmost care during paving.