Outdoors tennis court

New Court Construction

Tennis is a growing popular sport in the United States and is enjoyed by millions of recreational players. To facilitate this growth, sports clubs and facilities are installing high quality courts for their players, so that they can enjoy the sport on a premium surface and in a safe environment.

Of all the equipment, it is primarily the court surface to which the players must adapt their game as the court determines how the player moves and how the ball bounces.

The investment required to develop a court facility is substantial, therefore it is important that sufficient time and effort are spent at the planning stage, so that future problems are minimized. At Advantage Courts we assist our customer with designing the perfect court that meets the demand of outdoor exposure to the elements, such as orientation, slope and drainage, fencing, lighting and coating, in addition to the official regulations of the USPTA.

We take great pride in the construction of our customers new courts. We consistenly build the best courts in Central Florida, beginning with high quality fence and hardware installation, and ensuring the upmost care during paving.

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